Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How To Make Better Videos Pt 1 - Get the basics down

Do you really know what the foundation of a good video is? Any creative effort we engage in has to be based on a strong foundation. If you want to learn a few basic tips on making better videos, check out this video series.


  1. Great job all those is the area that I'd love to learn next!!! Do you think my old iphone 4 can still get good video? is there a certain app that works better than just the camera? I've never even seen that "trimming" thing you mentioned...what do you use to edit movies once you get them off the DSLR??? so many questions!!! Thanks for sharing! ~Colleen

    1. Colleen,
      Thanks so much for the comment and questions! Some of your answers are coming in the next videos, part 2 to be posted tomorrow. I'm not experienced with the iPhone 4 but my understanding is that the 4s and 5 phones have a significantly better camera. I have the 4s. The best thing anyone can do is TRY IT! You have an amazing eye and are trained in the Jedi arts of photography (you're like a Jedi master, aren't you?). So I bet you can tell if the quality is good enough for what you are trying to accomplish. This goes for everyone-- Test your stuff and see how good you can get the video with what you have... If it falls short, then borrow your desired piece of equipment first before you upgrade. Or go on YouTube and find a/b comparisons. Lots of those out there. Peace!