Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Audio Peeps are Musicians… Should Musicians Be Audio Peeps?

The answer to this question is a resounding, YES! I try to communicate to our audio peeps (they are part engineer, part artist so the title "engineers" fall short) that they are musicians and are as important to the music we create as anyone. In fact they have the power to influence the overall outcome of the creative process of music-making more than anyone on stage. They control the all powerful and often referenced "SUCK BUTTON." (Thank you Gary Larson.) So we all appreciate the work the audio person does. It's a thankless job. Love you guys… seriously.

So in light of pressing the audio/technical person to become artistic and to think like a musician, I asked myself why not press the musicians to be a bit more audio savvy. The more knowledge the musicians and audio peeps have in common the more they can stay in sync, communicate well, and achieve the ultimate goal of creating beautiful music.

So musician/singer, why not read this article (3-5 minutes) so you better understand how to help the audio person do his job? AND so you can empathize with him, cooperate with him, and ultimately help to create a better environment for worship? I think you'll enjoy getting a small dose of techie-ness.

A Sound Tech’s Thorn in the Side: House Volume Level

BTW: This guy's website is full of awesome audio and worship team help.


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