Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hungry Tone Junkies - Ambient Guitars

Alright, I just sent this to all our guitarists and wanted to post these links here in case you'd be interested. We all need to be tone junkies on our respective instruments, but this is focused on the guitarists. Enjoy!

Here's a dude who makes RIDICULOUS guitar sounds and is sharing his knowledge. Check out his youtube channel and sample a couple of these videos. (Check out the free reverb pedal giveaway if you want...) Links below.

A couple reasons it is important for us to be hungry "tone junkies":

1. You can play sick leads and riffs and have a crappy tone and people will not enjoy listening to you.
2. You can play tastefully and simply with great tones and mesmerize the listener. (Not mesmerizing them by your awesomeness, but leaving them impressed by beauty... which points to God.)
3. Staying hip to modern tones keeps us sounding relevant and invigorates us as guitarists. 

OK... I know it is difficult to find money and time to invest in new gear, but what if we spent one or two hours over the next month just working on our tones and learning our effects units and amplifiers… just experimenting. Many of the pricinples these videos highlight can be translated into our multi-effects units, so don't tune out because you don't have a pedal board!

Let's keep working to make our worship playing more beautiful and inspiring.

And a couple sample videos from Andy to help you get rolling:

Some more from other dudes that are worship focused:

Pedalboard 101

How To Do Guitar Swells

Hope this helps!

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